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「Heat Map Analysis」 「A/B Test」 「EFO (Entry Form Optimization)」 「Access Analysis」 is all possible with SiTest.
Since there is no need to make a contract for each tool, it is far superior in cost performance and it can turn PDCA at high speed.

Heat map analysis
A/B test
Access analysis

Heat map analysis

Heat map Visual base
Heat map visual screen
Position the cursor over the display to display the image of heat map generation.
Heat map visual screenHeat map mouse graphic image

Heat map analysis
do not use tools
site renewal
it is too dangerous anymore

「8 heat map analysis tools」 are standard installed in SiTest.We can see usability problems and improvements to raise UX (user experience) which we did not know with conventional heat map analysis.
Of course we also support smartphones.

Is there a secret to
increase the conversion
rate to the segment
heat map for each
inflow medium?

For example, it is possible to compare heat maps in segments such as 「Natural Search User and Advertisement Users」 or 「Users Who Never Returned」.
In addition, segment comparison by URL parameter is also possible, so you can visualize user's movements by keyword advertisement. Using the heat map tool and the segment comparison function increases the accuracy of the hypothesis.

Segment baseWeb pageReferrerMouse graphicsArrow
Chrome user
Chrome user
Chrome user
Chrome user
Period comparison function
Watch baseWatch handsWatch short handArrowAfterPC_After

Verify the outcome of the
measures with the time
comparison function of the heat map

Comparison of periods in which heat maps of different periods can be verified side by side, such as before and after the promotion campaign.
SiTest is the evolution version of the heat map tool that only it enabled.
(Patent pending / application number: Japanese Patent Application No. 2014-157019)

A/B test

I tried the A/B test
for the first time,
but I am surprised
that SiTest is so easy

All A/B test settings can be done on the management screen, so there is no need to prepare a separate page at all.

Since you can enter patterns of text and change elements with drag & drop, knowledge of HTML / CSS is unnecessary.
It is Suguremono which takes less time and effort.

Test Movie
ArrowADWeb page

Do you not easily realize
the landing page linked
with the advertisement?

With SiTest you can easily implement LPO (landing page optimization) at high speed.

There is no need for complicated preparations and additional costs such as "prepare HTML" and "outsource design and coding".

EFO(Entry Form Optimization)

EFO(Entry Form Optimization)
Enhance sales with EFO

It is a terrible opportunity loss that the user who got to the form giving up and giving up will withdraw.

With SiTest의 EFO(Entry Form Optimization) countermeasure,
it is not unusual for CVR to increase more than 1.5 times simply by improving the form.

Detailed function 
of EFO >

You can try 「input support function」 from the form below.

Access analysis report

AI automatically selects improvement pages, automatically creates reports, and performs automatic AB test.

AI (artificial intelligence)
instantaneously finds
a problem from
heat map analysis
and access analysis data

With SiTest's AI report · Smart Report you can start data-driven web improvement without learning, as it is difficult to advise easy-to-understand improvements from website data.
Improvement advice is provided simply by reporting, such as heat map analysis information, multilateral site evaluation, social analysis, day-of-week analysis, etc.

Auto mail report base image
Auto mail report image

Every Monday,
see the access analysis report e-mail
sent automatically only.

You do not have to ... My God all night because of the report for the report in the weekly meetings?
You do not need to anymore you to do such a thing.「Auto e-mail report」 of SiTest will automatically send a report in the weekly e-mail.

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