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Scroll analysis

Heat map

Grasp the withdrawal of the scroll

Prevent the withdrawal of the page with the scroll analysis heat map

Function to display the page scroll rate of users who have visited in the heat map is the scroll analysis.

Scroll analysis is the underlying function of all of the heat map analysis.

It changes colors depending on the user's residence time for (the longer the stay time in red, shorter blue are displayed), it is possible to grasp the situation of intuitive site.

In addition, since it is possible to confirm the residents of the increase or decrease of each page in the graph, it will be linked to the discovery of 「well-withdrawal has been that place」.

Method of utilizing scroll analysis heat map

In the scroll analysis, you can intuitively grasp what is being read how much page.

If Datosuruto 30% users of the entire viewing until the end of the page, important content does not make sense even in the lower part.

In Nielsen has announced findings in fact, whether the bottom of the page visit time because it is about a quarter of the top, by utilizing the scroll analysis, we have a basis to bring the important content at the top will you can decide.

In addition, often seen in that place, to find a place that has been detached, more effective page configuration, you can explore the order of the content.

First explore the branching point of the page, let's create a 「page to be read to ensure the important point」.

The top of the page has a long residence time

Go disengaged as they become the bottom of the page

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