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Before using

  • Can anyone available SiTest?
    Companies, regardless of the business category, such as a sole proprietorship, anyone available.
  • Or it will be available from the time?
    After your registration in SiTest, available immediately if it is possible to install the tracking code to the page you want to measure.
  • Can I register on mobile address?
    You can sign in all of mobile e-mail address, regardless of the carrier.
  • Is it possible to use even from abroad?
    Available even from overseas.
  • Do you have access to SiTest from smartphone and tablet devices?
    Access is possible, so we have to assume that if you use a PC,work with the current specification is there is a possibility of becoming unstable.
  • Do SiTest can be accessed from any browser?
    To access the SiTest we recommend Google Chrome.
    Access also in other browsers are available, but there is a possibility that the page is not displayed well.


  • Do you smartphone site also can be measured?
    Smartphone site is also capable of measuring.
  • SiTest is or members-only page, or can be measured even in an encrypted page?
    Members-only page, you can measure by also using the dynamic page for the code in an encrypted page.
  • Page that can not be measured in SiTest, Do you have a system?
    Such as a page or system that uses the external service, it can not be measured If you can not install the tracking code.
    When was the public web pages or system that you are able to install the tracking code available.
  • Or measurement of SiTest is compatible with Flash?
    In the current specification does not support Flash.
  • What kind of work is required in order to start the measurement in SiTest?
    To install the tracking code immediately before the </body> of the page you want to measure, please register the domain to be measured.
  • Only do I install the tracking code top page of the site?
    Please install the tracking code to all the pages you want to measure.
  • For each page, you need to install the tracking code of separate content?
    If there is a dynamic page, please install the tracking code of dedicated only to the page.
    In all other cases it can be measured in the same tracking code.
  • Measurement of SiTest Do you depend on other software or hardware?
    It does not basically dependent on other software and hardware.
    Please contact from the inquiry form if if has occurred is a problem.문의양식을통해 연락해주십시오.
  • Is it possible to measure across multiple domains?
    Yes, you can measure across multiple domains.
    However, please note that the different number of domains that can be measured by the plan.
    Detail isthan the price list pageplease confirm.
  • Is there a limit to the number of web pages that can be measured?
    There is no upper limit.
    Please install the tracking code to all the pages you want to measure.
  • Or all users who visit the site will be measured?
    Users who visit the page that you install the tracking code, are all measured.
    However, because if it exceeds the PV number that can be measured in the plan you are reading will not be measured, please consider a change of plan.
    Also, do not be measured in the browser JavaScript is not enabled.
  • If you exceed a measurable PV number, what happens to the AB test being implemented?
    When the PV number reaches the upper limit, page allocation by AB test is not performed.
    However, since status does not change remains in the test, if you are changing the plan is capable of measuring PV number has been added to AB test from that point will be resumed.
    Similarly, AB test even if the PV number of becoming the next month has also been added will be resumed.
  • Site does not display well in SiTest. What do I need to set?
    Pages that are measured There is a possibility that does not support HTTPS.
    First of all, please select the 「Settings」 from the utility icon (the icon in the shape of a gear).
    Please switch to 「HTTP」 then the item of 「SSL Settings」 from the 「HTTPS」.

Contract, Termination

  • What if you want to churn?
    In SiTest, automatically will be migrated to the free plan rather than surrender and asked to stop the monthly plan.
    Because the fee will not be generated, please do not worry.
  • Registered in the month, Is it possible to stop?
    Registered in the monthly plan, even during the month, or you can stop.
    However, pro-rated refund will not be performed.

Notes available

  • Which function should be used it has been lost. Where can you consult?
    In SiTest, we do consulting service for a fee when measurement.
    If you are interested in consulting services,than the price list pageplease confirm.
  • What is the difference between other analysis tools?
    SiTest will realize various heat map · AB test · EFO measures in the all-in-one.
    The carried out to improve from the analysis of only one in the web site it is strengths.
    Complex operations, for setting is not at all, is anyone easily also features available.
    In addition, functions and to compare the results of before-and after-sales of site improvement,
    Such as simultaneous playback can function multiple users of form input, it is equipped with a number of innovative features not found with other tools.
  • How much do I need period to accumulate the data?
    The data is stored when the user visits the page that you install the tracking code.
    It does not say categorically different for by the abundance of PV number, but we have a guideline between a few days of a month.
  • Do you have such as the example of the analysis method?
    Since the method of analysis utilizing the SiTest will continue to introduce a variety of forms, such as a future blog,
    Please refer to there as a reference."
  • Once the data is reset to, can I take heart new data?
    To delete the data, it is possible to take heart the new data.
    However, because once PV number that was used to measure is the state in which it is consumed as it is, please understand.
    It should be noted that once deleted data can not be undone, when you want to delete, please note.
  • Or measured data will be forever saved?
    Retention period of the data depends on the plan.
    Detail isthan the price list pageplease confirm.

privacy protection

  • Do you rest somewhere fact of personal information in the monitoring function? Do not worry about leakage?
    Since then displayed as 「*」 without acquiring the personal information entered in the SiTest form, information that has been input will not be sent to the server.
    Therefore, please be assured that there is not also be leakage.
  • Order to collect sensitive personal information, including credit card number, is it possible to use the SiTest?
    You will not be able to use the SiTest for the purpose of collecting personal information.
    In addition, because it does not collect personal information, can not itself be collected.
  • Data safety Does it have been secured?
    We are performing the encrypted communication with SSL in SiTest for safety measures.


  • If you want to change the plan, do I contact to Where?
    Plan is available to change at any time feel free to on your own.
    Please refer to the item of「Stopping the plan」in the Help for more information.
  • We are considering the use in PV a large number of sites. How should I choose a plan?
    Bronze Plan (100,000PV / month), we have recommended the Silver plan (150,000PV / month).
    In addition, even if it exceeds the PV upper limit of the number of available plans, it can be measured at 5 yen per 1PV.
    Minute of the cost, which is measured by more than the upper limit PV number will be billed in arrears.
    Furthermore, if the number of PV number is expected, we offer the enterprise plan.
    One timefrom the inquiry formplease contact us.
  • If the PV number of possible measurement had left over, do you carried over the remaining PV number in the next month?
    Since it is not possible to be able to carry over to ask you used up within the month.
  • In the case of stop in a month, can you refund?
    Refund in the case of a stop in a month we can not please understand.

Other questions

  • Do not be consulting problem to a third party using the SiTest?
    No problem.
    In addition, SiTest in sales partners also are looking for.
    Detail is SiTest Partner Wanted pageplease refer to the.
  • How can I become a SiTest agency Where do I perform a query?
  • Phone I would like to make an inquiry about the SiTest, Where do I contact?
    0120-315-465Please call.
  • Is it possible to ask questions about how to use?
    Firsthelpplease refer to.
    If you still you are unsure,Inquiry formplease let us know more.
  • In the news and magazines and blogs, you sure you want to introduce this tool?
    Please introduce us.
    In addition, those of the mediafrom the inquiry formIf you can contact the addressed to public relations · PR person in charge will respond.
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