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Media Coverage - interview experience

TV Osaka logoTV Mie logo
Conditions of the great commander 1

“Conditions of the great commander”

TV Osaka and Mie TV
The second episode, 2015 October 13 (Tuesday) Starring

Hiroki Representative Director of the Company CEO Kanashima is we have TV appearances.
Opportunity that caused the company. Thinking of as individuals, the way as a company.

It says why are you to cherish the 「principles」.

「People will die someday」. That's why living now,how to live how we said that either going to decorate your life is going to commonplace to do the commonplace that it is important to.

Moderator the businessman is also the Kenji Tamura, love like a Kudasari very much excitement Haruna, I would like to thank from my heart to your business.

Conditions of the great commander 2Conditions of the great commander 3Conditions of the great commander 4
NHK logoTech Crunch logo

TechChrumch DISRUPT 2015 in San Francisco

2015 (Tuesday) interview interview from NHK like

Exhibitors Glad cube as Japan frame to TechCrunch, which was held in San Francisco.

Director COO Takarabe Yuki was according to the interview.

Challenge as Glad cube in which is said to be 「very stringent entry into the United States from Japan」, we have to answer for, such as the future of the stage.

The I had interviewed officials like, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart.

Tech Crunch image 1
Tech Crunch image 2Tech Crunch image 3Tech Crunch image 4
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Glad cube of achievement

Google Excellent Performer Award is a system which recognizes the agency that was excellent customer acquisition from the authorized distributor of Google AdWords, called Google Partner (formerly open business partner).

Since it won the Grand Prize from among about 7,000 companies in 2011 of the first times, Award and has just been honored at 2013 the second half of the fifth consecutive to end. This was the first-ever feat.

To provide operational services that satisfy customers while polishing the operations management technology to the first, we will be allowed to continue for the future of this record.

In addition, certification that Google AdWords has to offer has been acquired in a short period of time by all employees all its own training.

PREMIER Google PartnerGoogle Excellent Performer Award

AdWords Fundamentals, search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads, mobile ads, Google Analytics

Google AdWords CertificateGoogle AdWords video advertising CertificateGAIQ

Glad cube from being certified an authorized dealer in 2010, 1 star agency in 2013 at the time of the system, in October 2016 we have been successfully promoted as a two-star agency.
This is at the time of rating, registration agency, is the assessment that are within about 4000 Shachu TOP 0.65%.
Currently accredited by the 「area development partner」 as an excellent agency headquartered Yahoo! Marketing Solutions Silver partners, and to Kansai.

In addition, in the which was held Yahoo! JAPAN Agency conference in May 2013, elected to the 「Kansai district area excellent agency」.
In the presentation in was held in June 2015, 「the first half of Yahoo! JAPAN Agency seminar in Osaka in fiscal 2015」, has led to up to hold the number of new accounts of second place in the Kansai region.

Yahoo! Marking Solutions Solicitor AgencyYahoo! PROMOTIONAL ADVANCES PROFESSIONAL BasicYahoo! Promotion Advertising AdvancedYahoo! Trophy

YTM (Yahoo! Tag Manager) Certified Partner
YTM (Yahoo! Tag Manager) certified vendor

One of the services that Yahoo! JAPAN provides, Yahoo! Tag Manager (YTM). YTM is a tag management services to centrally manage various tags that are installed on the site, to achieve the display speed and scalable targeting of the page.

Company West first-ever, certified in December 2014 as the only Yahoo! tag manager certified partners other than the company headquartered in Tokyo.

Certified Partner has not been only 10 companies certified (December 2014), it has been assessed a wealth of knowledge and operational force on the YTM.

"SiTest"" is certified as a YTM certified vendor, installation and management of the tags makes it easy to leverage the YTM.

Yahoo! 태그 관리자 인증 업체Yahoo! 태그 관리자 인증 파트너
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Case Study

Quality number one like Inc.

PC materials sales

Product selection screen from the landing page, information input screen, to set the goal flow to the Thanksgiving page, the number of transitions of each of Pejihe, we visualize the transition rate. In addition, by using the monitoring function and click analysis and mouse photography of SiTest, to check the use of the user's input form, it leads improvements and of, make improvements to facilitate understanding of the operation, input completion rate has been improved 167% .

Splash Japan like Inc.

Comprehensive detective agency

It was used to track user behavior by installing a SiTest to the landing page.
It was used to track user behavior by installing a SiTest to the landing page.And scrolling situation, the user's attention point by mouse photography, got repeat in to check in the segment for each user attribute user, the insight that are watching carefully to customer feedback to each number of repeats increases. A result, conversion rate was improved by AB test to scroll to your voice.

Rest Four like Inc.

Cosmetics Sales

To the landing page, listing advertising and social media, we have been attracting customers to take advantage of the affiliate, low conversion rate of users who are not watching a TV shopping, it was trial and error.
And the attention point of TV shopping viewing user to use the segment comparison Features of SiTest Among them, from is different that the content that the user is paying attention from the other of inflow source, and a state that knows to look at TV shopping, prerequisite knowledge conversion rate has been improved by showing by changing the contents of the order, the actual appeal of the content in a user-friendly of the state is not.

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Conference achievements

  • ad:tech tokyo
  • ad:tech kansai
  • ad:tech AD STARS 2016
  • DESIGN for Innovation 2016
  • Technology for marketing
  • Tech Crunch
  • Lean Startup Conference
  • Internet Forum 2014
  • D3WEEK 2016
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Twitter
  • Micro Ad
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Overseas expansion

It is SiTest is a domestic ASP, but the service provided does not stop in Japan.Korea as a foothold in Asia expansion, and we plan to offer in the near future sale in the United States is the Mecca of the site analysis.

Also spread overseas expansion in Asia and Europe the future, SiTest as embodying the best of the site analysis and improvement ASP will continue to evolve.

Intellectual property

Past could not be realized in the existing heat map tool in SiTest and has developed a current comparison function.

It is a result that brought the new technology to calculate separately the dynamic Web page without the complex customizations.
In Grad cube is currently pending a patent for this unique technology.
(Application number: Japanese Patent Application No.2014-157019)

And other "SiTest®」 and 「mouse graphics®」 you are registered trademarks.

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