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Gaze plot

Recording and reproducing the movement of the user's mouse

Trajectory traced the mouse cursor represents the user psychology

In the field of eye tracking research, it is an analysis technique to have been positioned as it is heat map analysis and list important is called a gaze plot.

Without performing the monitoring survey to collect the subject of several people if you use the Gaze plot of SiTest, easy to follow the movement of the user every one of the line-of-sight, you can display the time looking and their order.

Attention is paid to the fact that the movement of the line-of-sight is correlated with the movement of the mouse, we were able to achieve a gaze plot without taking low cost even effort on the analysis tool.

Not know just the heat map analysis makes it easier to guess the 「user psychology」.

Feel the interests and hesitation of up to conversion

The greatest strength of the gaze plot, that can measure the causal relationship between the content. For example, what was viewing a product after seeing the voice of the user, can be analyzed, such as how decided to purchase goods lost from more goods.

In addition, if there are places, such as going back and forth many times, it may be that the layout of the site is causing hesitation to the user.

After determining the location where there has been the line of sight in the heat map analysis, the movement of every one of the line-of-sight check the gaze plot, please help to rebuild the review and leads the design of the page configuration.

SiTest original of intuitive analysis

Analysis is equipped with a gaze plot tool itself is rare, but, SiTest will not have the unique features among them.

Normal gaze plot is going to simply follow the movement of the user's mouse in order function.

On the other hand, gaze plot of SiTest has expressed in the size and color of the circle also stay time.

Reduction of the user's withdrawal rate, possible to improve the close rate

For example, if the user is a page or landing page you're viewing first, if there is a place that has been read back again after viewing until the very end, the user is likely to have an interest and concerns in there that you can see.

Or improve more prominent as its contents, by or brought to the top of the page, you can be improved to reduce the withdrawal rate of users and close rates.

Take advantage of all the pages to be directly connected to the contracts concluded

In addition, gaze plots can be expected useful analysis in form and shopping cart page.If the text at the bottom of the form has attracted the attention will reduce the withdrawal rate to bring it to the top.

If you're a user withdrawal before to match the mouse to form, it will be able to increase the input of the foam by preparing the content, such as catching the user's interest at the top.

These pages to be directly connected to the contracts concluded are asked to take advantage of the aggressive gaze plot, please help improve close rates.

Method of utilizing gaze plot

In the gaze plot, and to verify that asked to look at the items in the order you want them to see the case of the EC site, also in the shopping cart or contact form, whether they are firmly focused on the one form phone is seen firm by understanding the will to understand the characteristics of a user that has left a goal just before.

By get take advantage of the gaze plot mouse graphics, in combination with the mouse move, more clearly since it is possible to grasp the user's movement, it is very important for site improvement to identify whether there is an interest in any part.

Of course, you will clear the landing page measures for each medium by which to take advantage of the segment function is a comparison function to understand the differences in the movement of the paid advertising of Yahoo! and Google.

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