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Form Statistics

The withdrawal is difficult to form

See through the withdrawal item in the form statistics

It does not improve only to a form that does not error in the input support.

It should then be undertaken, be composed of a hard item that is leaving the form.

Input start of the actual user in the form statistics, input interruption rates, since it is possible to confirm the input completion rate, anywhere from what has been entered, where you can determine whether it is disengaged in an instant.

Or change the order of items, or remove a withdrawal that is easily item, that or put an input example, let's aim to further close rate improved.

Use method of form Statistics

The user can verify that can enter how much each item.

Why the item is disengaged, as a material to think about what can be improved When you have, please take advantage of the data.

In addition, there is also significant that there is no problem case also look at the data in the form statistics.

At that time, let's take the measures that decorated the form itself raise the input rate of the user.

Description of statistical data

  • Input start number

    The number entering the input state to focus on item

  • Input start rate

    By dividing the input start number by the number of page views value

  • The number of input completion

    The number remove the focus from the item of input state

  • The number of input interruption

    The number that was the start of an input did not lead to complete

  • Input interruption rates

    Divided by the number of inputs interrupted by the number of page views value

  • The number of deleted

    The number of times you press the delete button (backspace delete, etc.)

  • The number of paste

    The number of times you make a copy and paste from the clipboard

  • The number of errors

    The number of detected error

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