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Smart report

Heat Map reporting
function of advice

It can be downloaded heat map with a advice

To specify the conditions, such as a URL or a segment, you can image the PC · tablet-smartphone of various heat map on a page-by-page basis (scroll / mouse graphics / click) is output in Excel file.

So far only briefly available for download at what was very takes time to reporting of the heat map pushes the button.

The advice Comments (paid plan only) you can see the improvement point because even comes with a person who did not know what to look at the heat map.

Method of utilizing smart report (heat map report)

To share the heat map in-house and outside, it can be discussed in print for a meeting.Data based on the, is useful when you discuss the improvement plan of the page.

In addition, because it is Excel file is more of an advertising agency and consultants have become easy processing.

Offer is also easy as a service to customize the report with your own point of view.

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