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External service
cooperation guidelines

This Agreement, the following third-party external services (collectively the external services) and SiTest (hereinafter referred to as the Service) and should be consent members to ID federation (authentication) a It defines those matters. SiTest user (hereinafter referred to as user), on which agreed to advance the Guidelines, and shall perform the registration process. It should be noted that, when you add an external service that we can newly ID federation, from time to time added to the following.

<Cooperation can external services>
(1) provided by the Facebook Inc. 「Facebook」
(2) provided by Twitter Inc. 「Twitter」
(3) provided by Google Inc. 「Google+」
(4) PayPal Pte. Ltd. to provide the 「PayPal」
(5) Amazon.com, provided by the Inc 「Amazon」
(6) provided by the LinkedIn 「LinkedIn」

This Agreement is, 「SiTest Terms and Conditions」, the other (hereinafter referred to as the 「Terms like」) various guidelines or the like based on this superimposed to be employed in conjunction with, and forms part of the convention, and the like.
It should be noted that, if the condition and is in conflict to determine the conditions and conventions, such as set forth in this Agreement, and shall the provisions of this Agreement are applied in priority.

The user, when the user performs the registration process, to obtain information about the user that the Company has been registered in the external service management company, you agree that there is a case to be displayed in the service account.

When you log in to the external service in the registration procedure, you may be asked for permission for the Company to access the data, on the confirmation of such content, only if you allow, you can make the registration process.

The Company, relates to an information related to the user who has received from the external service management company, when there is a request from the user, shall be deleted.

The user shall be done at your own risk the registration and management of the account in the external service. The management of the user insufficient, use on of malpractice, liability for damages due to the use or the like of the third party is assumed that the user bear, the Company, member caused by the use of external services, other for damages of any third party, the Company shall not bear any responsibility.

If the user has unsubscribed the external service, the registration procedure source of external service is discontinued, if it is interrupted or terminated, if you no longer can be registered procedure with this service by the other, such as the external service specifications and policies, the Service You can not log in, this by a member of the rights concerning this service might be lost.
In addition, if the user has not performed the registration of the e-mail address to the Service, the Company, because it is not possible to authenticate of use, you may not be able to support the claims and complaints of users.

The user, for the use of external services, shall be subject to the provisions of each convention to define the external service management company, the Company for external services, does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, safety and the like.

This Agreement, you may want to revision without notice content. Revised the contents, by posting to our web site, we shall become immediately effective. Revised earlier, it shall be applied to all users, regardless of the hereafter.

[Enacted on October 1, 2014]

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