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Flexible LPO

Knowledge of HTML and CSS is not required at all

Of flexible LPO improvement tips

A / B rather than separate out the pattern with a probability as the test, you can put out division of the page pattern under the conditions that you set.

This means that the user's environment, from information such as the behavior history, you can view the optimized web page depending on the user's attributes.

For example, to change the appeal of the web page by day of the week, or you can change the wording by region.

Problems flexible LPO is resolved

We expected to improve the conversion rate by a web page appeal that was in the user's attributes.

By that it can be easily, also can be done to quickly test leads to significant reduction of man-hours.

No need to HTML file

In the 「Web Test」 and other A B testing tool of Google Analytics, there was a need to provide only the HTML file number of the pattern you want to test.

A/B test can realize achievements as repeat, but it takes time and effort and expense to prepare the HTML every time was a bottleneck for the publishers.

Unnecessary preparation of the HTML file was the trouble in SiTest is all.

Because you can create an intuitive operation while the test pattern on the screen of the SiTest, can be improved with a sense of speed.

Unnecessary design coding

Another benefit you to take advantage of the A / B testing of SiTest is that it does not require expert knowledge of design and coding.

If you want to test to create a regular HTML file to is required design and coding of course test pattern, it must possess knowledge for that.

In addition, It also will take time as if to outsource the design and coding, also will be generated further cost.

Even simple anyone in SiTest you can create a test pattern.

So also you can also save costs time, it will also be much more likely to lead to a close rate increase by executing a repeat test.

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