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Input support function

The withdrawal is difficult to form

The withdrawal is difficult to form in the input support

Form of most of the site is cumbersome input.

Useless items and questionnaire, increase the extra time and effort to the user.

1st step to improve the form, to display on the spot an error in the input is 「input support function」.

In order to display the original input error, you must have programming knowledge, such as when you enter the code in the form in Javascript.

However, on that can be easily set up on the screen if you use the input support of SiTest, it can be immediately corrected, even if the form has changed.

It can also support third-party form of.

EFO measures three elements to success

① user can increase the number to reach the form. Sales by induction to the form and shopping cart (parameter) increases will rise.

② user is possible to increase the input start rate of the form. In which it is said average withdrawal is 70%, how much do me a lot of the input also gathered the user to form and does not sell the goods and services.

③ to reduce the input error of the user. For each user who comes to visit from a variety of devices such as a PC or a smartphone, it is important to more input easy to auxiliary. If there is a function to inform immediately if there is a mistake it will increase the probability of us to enter without reducing the motivation to last.

For EFO measures is an improvement of the final stage leading to the contracts concluded, we can increase sales enough to tackle if tackled at an early stage.

Effect on sales EFO measures will bring

In the case of EC site, but will transition to some of the page to complete the purchase of the product, users will be leaving in the meantime.

Users who visited from the shopping cart, the will of the purchase is very strong layer.However, if an input is difficult to form, and or got an error occurs many times, withdrawal rate of users will jump.

Conversely, if it is possible to reduce the withdrawal rate increases the user's purchase rate, it will contribute significantly to sales up.

When the close rate of post-cart reached low, and fewer number of people as a matter of course the final contracts concluded.

If as 100 people were reached in the shopping cart, 20 people the number of people close rate to contracts concluded If there is only 20%.

Since the close rate increases up to the contracts concluded occupancy 50 people If you can raise up to 50%, also up by that amount in sales.

Because it does not leak a high degree of certainty that has reached the shopping cart user, let's perform the optimization = EFO measures of the cart.

Use method of input support functions

In the input setting screen, in each item of form and 「whether or not the essential」 「input conditions (half-width only,「 @ 」, such as only the e-mail address is included)」 You can select.

To complete by simply selecting by clicking the appropriate item, labor does not charge any.

In addition, even in the form that appears when you click a particular button, so you can be displayed by performing the same movement in the SiTest, it can be set to correspond to the various form.

It can be set Support Functions

  • Real-time error notification function

    And when the required item has not been input, when the input format (phone number, e-mail address, URL, half-width / full-width, etc.) is wrong, such as when you are exceeding the upper and lower limits the number of characters in the input, there is a lack of input and it displays an error message in the case. Because it does not press the submit button until you enter the required fields are completed, it surely prevents the input leakage. The content and style of the error message can be edited as desired.

  • Anti-separation POP UP display function

    Mistake or an attempt to close the browser, you can prevent the withdrawal to prevent action to return the page.

  • Half-width/full-width automatic conversion function

    To convert the half-width/full-width automatically and reduces the time and effort.

  • Prohibited characters setting function

    You can set the input disabled characters.

  • The initial value display function

    By keeping displays general initial value, reduce the time of input.

  • Phonetic Auto input function

    Enter the phonetic column automatically, reduce the time and effort.

  • Address input auxiliary function

    Such as input from zip code to the middle of the address, to reduce the time and effort of the address input.

From the form below, you can try the 「input support function」.

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