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SiTest's approach to GDPR

Responding to GDPR in SiTest

In order to emphasize the right to the personal information of customers (and end users) and comply with the GDPR, SiTest is working on the following measures.

Acquisition of ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification (ISO / IEC 27001) Based on ISMS acquisition,Glad Cube Co., Ltd. is strengthening the establishment and establishment of an information security promotion system.

Offer opt-out functionSiTest offers two opt-out features.
(1) SiTest provides a URL for opt-out.
If you want to provide the opt-out feature to your users, please indicate that you are using SiTest and provide a link to the SiTest opt-out page.
(2) The data acquirer can use an IP address to opt out of the inflowing users from the EU, and can set not to acquire or hold any information about the corresponding users.

Reproduction maskingAll information entered in the form is displayed as "*", and the input contents can not be acquired.
Also, on other pages, we have implemented the masking function by adding the class attribute to the element that corresponds to personal information.

About GDPR

In Europe, the General Data Protection Rule( came into effect on 25 May 2018.
GDPR is a unified and comprehensive legal system addressing data protection and privacy throughout the European Union (EU).
Under this rule, all organizations that manipulate and store data of EU citizens will be fined at the time of breach.

Globally applied GDPRAll organizations that collect and process personal data of EU citizens, including organizations based outside the EU, are subject to GDPR and are subject to penalties.
Companies that use services that fall under the following conditions need to be in accordance with the GDPR.
□Processing personal information about an individual within the EU
□When transferring personal information about an individual who is in the EU within the EU, such as Japan

How should we respond to GDPRPlease check the GDPR Act( the definition of personal information in the GDPR(
Customers who need to be in accordance with the GDPR should consider the following.
①Explicit Consent: The GDPR requires explicit consent when obtaining personally identifiable information from EU citizens. We recommend that you check the laws and regulations that apply to your website and get legal advice.
②Opt-out: Users who have not obtained consent to obtain user information should opt-out.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the following email address.

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