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Scroll data

Heat map

Quantitative analysis of the scroll of data

Scroll data leads to improved sales

Scroll is quantified, at any location the user will see at a glance what is willing have or interest, have lost interest.

In particular, AB testing with AI (artificial intelligence) in SiTest, since statistical data of the scroll rate are utilizing, the excellent combines benefits of automated testing for attribution and improvement of the leaving points is performed.

In order to increase the conversion rate, improvement of the scroll rate is not allowed to write 100 percent.

All also induction to a specific page will start from the scroll. Because you can also analysis of a multi-device, you can also individual improvement.

Use method of scrolling data

The vertical axis is 「arrival point」, and the horizontal axis displays to chart the (switchable to the arrival rate) Number of reach and the average viewing time for points of the pages.

Such as a new user and repeat visitors, it will also be clear that each of the measures because it is equipped with segment function.You can see by comparing the repeat user.

Detailed viewing time and the arrival rate You can list a number of (switchable to the number of arrival) in the table.

Scroll data is what was more quantify the scroll analysis.

Also to understand the withdrawal page in Google Analytics, you do not have Shoga improvements and do not know the location of the landing page that you are leaving.

Also as shown in the figure above, such as a new user and repeat visitors, it will also be clear that each of the measures because it is equipped with segment function.

Google and for Yahoo! influx comparison are also possible, the company has been a listing advertising, exactly modification of the page that was in each of the media, since it is a test, you can improve that matches the more targeted.

SiTest consulting team, especially the scroll data is one of the most check function, or go to how scrolling is very important concept to conversion up.

Since available from free if you just scroll, let's check by all means what circumstances the case for your site.

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