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Notation about a specific trade law

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The seller Glad Cube Inc.
Operations vice president Kanashima Hiroki
Phone SiTest-only window
E-mail address support @ sitest.jp
(We are leaving a space for the anti-spam)
URL https://sitest.jp/
Selling price At the time of purchase it will be displayed on the screen.
Money that occurs
to you at other
than the sale price
The cost of communications (including the Internet connection charges)
Each of the charges, customers please contact your wireless service company you use.
The consumption tax is, we have displayed as the tax.
Time the use of
the tool is possible
After your registration, available immediately.
Payment method Credit settlement (prepayment), bank transfer (prepayment)
The time of payment
of a price
When paid plan your application: credit card
Bank transfer: within 3 days after the application procedure ※ After payment is confirmed, paid plan start
Paid services Availability And pay plan function immediately after the credit card settlement.
In the case of bank transfer, and then Available within 3 business days after payment confirmation of payment.
Paid service period It is one month from the date of signing the contract. If you do not cancel the contract it will be next month degree of automatic updating.
Cancellation and
After sign up to a paid plan, canceled by the convenience of our customers can not be accepted.
In addition, we do not have refund is accepted by the closeout.
Cancellation conditions Please contact me from the inquiry form is stop and cancellation of the month of paid plan that has not started offer.
※After our cancellation contact the toll plan, it will not be available to the next renewal date.
Operating environment Google Chrome is required as the operating environment required in order to use the service.
Privacy policy Your personal information (address, phone number and e-mail address, etc.) We promise not to leak to outsiders in any case.

With respect to the privacy policy

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