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Or click are being led properly

Usability improvements in click analysis heat map

Click analysis is the ability to display the location where the user has clicked on the page.

Excellent site and is in usability, it is said that the site that you can perform the action you want to perform the user with a simple operation.Generally, effectiveness and efficiency, such as the user's satisfaction will be used as an indicator.

According to Jakob Nielsen, usability affects the CVR, has proven in practice that the optimization of usability led to an average 87 percent of CVR growth rate from 66 pieces also of the case.

In the click analysis of SiTest, to display the location where particularly important also in usability 「click action」 has been performed.

A link to another page, by analyzing the click to prompt the following actions such as the purchase button, let's build a better site usability.

Use method of click analysis heat map

In the click analysis, you will be able to take advantage of the time to ascertain whether the user is clicking to recognize the appropriate links and conversion point.

For example, to properly recognize the user buy button that you visit the product page is whether to confirm click, you will be able to increase the purchase rate by changing the arrangement.

If you click to place that looks like a still image or a button you have not set up a link to the opposite are gathered, the user's satisfaction up by modifying, you can connect to the improvement of the purchasing willingness.

Please use the click analysis for the 「easy-to-use site building manufacturing」.

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