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The goal funnel

Identify bottlenecks
in the conversion analysis

Improvement tips

You can see the percentage that are separated at each step from the user has achieved the first step by the goal funnel.Many steps of the withdrawal will be considered that are much lower the purchase desire of the user.You can maximize efficiently goal number by the improvement of the step.

The ability to measure
the process of the conversion

The goal funnel of SiTest is a feature that can be measured by setting a plurality of steps for one goal.

Not only the page transition of the step, user actions such as mouse-over and click can also be set.The user is likely to withdrawal of each page 「action」 can also be measured, it is the perfect feature to understand the step to the goal.

Also, because to display the data of the user who has achieved the first step, you can will of the purchase is examining a strong user of the information.

The user of hate behavior?

Press the buy button, enter the number in the cart page, the decision to confirm the amount, input of customer information in the next page ...What users will being separated in the process of tracing until the purchase is completed?

Users can achieve the purpose of the site is, Why is being separated in the middle?

The goal funnel, you can check whether the user away from the site before reaching the conversion and press the buy button gave up the purchase feel where the frustration and hassle of buying process.

This prevents the omission of the user who shows the intention of the purchase will help to improve the conversion rate.

Use method of goal funnel

How to take advantage of SiTest of the goal funnel is, it will vary depending on the purpose of the site.

For example, click on the case purchase button from the product page of the EC site, go to the cart page, withdrawal at any step by creating each step in the user's actions required a series of processes, such as to display the Thanksgiving page complete the purchase or the the you can investigate.

This allows you to continue to improve locate the issue of whether the users of strong Has the will of purchase from the goal the completion of the process to why withdrawal.

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